Now it's lolbots

This meme just keeps spreading. One day I'll look back and cringe. But right now I'm laughing my head off.


Search your lolcats

I Can Has Cheezburger has a search feature. Why? The spelling-correction isn't good enough to mangle English into Kitteh well enough to find anything. I only found the noo it are my birthday cat by searching for no "it are my" birthday.


E61 force-flashing links

Here are some links to help me force-flash my new Vodafone-branded Nokia E61 to the latest (uncrippled) firmware version:

  • Hisham's blog entry
  • averageadmins blog entry
  • Nemesis tools (download links: NSS103810.zip, History.txt, pdg4fbus.zip).
  • Quick Nemesis instructions:
    • On Hardware Selection, pick Virtual USB Device
    • Backup the phone using the vendor tool
    • Open Nemesis again
    • Scan for new device ⇒ Phone info ⇒ Scan
    • Enter product code (0523307 for UK layout), check the enable box, and Write.
    • Use the vendor tool to update the firmware — new version should be 3.0633.09.04 or later.
  • The official updater can be downloaded via this link.


Kasparov arrested for political action

Expect many chess-related puns from sub-editors around the world. More seriously, Russia is rapidly becoming the world's greatest threat again. Putin has presided over a degradation of civil rights which is as shocking as it is sudden. Journalists are murdered, votes are rigged, power is centralized. I don't know which is scarier: that Putin has a grand plan for which he will need all this power; or that Putin wants power for its own sake, and will leave a Stalinesque legacy when he's finally removed. Who could have thought Yeltsin's successor would actually make things worse? I can only wish luck and popularity to the opposition in Russia.


The IPv6 Experiment

It's so crazy and yet so plausible. It might just work. (Of course, it could be an April Fool, and that would be cool too.)


Directive 2003/58/EC

The EU, in a genuine act of stupidity (not to be confused with the imaginary acts of stupidity usually recorded in the British press), has directed that all email messages emanating from a limited company contain the same information required on the company's letterhead (directors, registered office, etc.). Articles 5 and 6 do the damage.


Myths about physical seals

LLNL have a great information resource on physical seals. I wish it had been around during the electronic voting debate in Ireland. So many journalists and politicians believed the myth that physical seals are tamperproof. It was an uphill struggle until the Commission on Electronic Voting took a look at them.

Failure recovery

I've been categorizing distributed system designs into four groups, according to how they recover from the loss of a single critical ele...