E61 force-flashing links

Here are some links to help me force-flash my new Vodafone-branded Nokia E61 to the latest (uncrippled) firmware version:

  • Hisham's blog entry
  • averageadmins blog entry
  • Nemesis tools (download links: NSS103810.zip, History.txt, pdg4fbus.zip).
  • Quick Nemesis instructions:
    • On Hardware Selection, pick Virtual USB Device
    • Backup the phone using the vendor tool
    • Open Nemesis again
    • Scan for new device ⇒ Phone info ⇒ Scan
    • Enter product code (0523307 for UK layout), check the enable box, and Write.
    • Use the vendor tool to update the firmware — new version should be 3.0633.09.04 or later.
  • The official updater can be downloaded via this link.

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