Kasparov arrested for political action

Expect many chess-related puns from sub-editors around the world. More seriously, Russia is rapidly becoming the world's greatest threat again. Putin has presided over a degradation of civil rights which is as shocking as it is sudden. Journalists are murdered, votes are rigged, power is centralized. I don't know which is scarier: that Putin has a grand plan for which he will need all this power; or that Putin wants power for its own sake, and will leave a Stalinesque legacy when he's finally removed. Who could have thought Yeltsin's successor would actually make things worse? I can only wish luck and popularity to the opposition in Russia.


The IPv6 Experiment

It's so crazy and yet so plausible. It might just work. (Of course, it could be an April Fool, and that would be cool too.)

Failure recovery

I've been categorizing distributed system designs into four groups, according to how they recover from the loss of a single critical ele...